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Currently, people who want to travel in long distance prefer to use air transportation modes. Planes are chosen because of their flexibility in time. One of the air transportation companies is Citilink Indonesia. The sales actions taken by Citilink Indonesia's airlines are diverse, especially from purchasing flight tickets, one of which is by creating a special application, namely Citilink’s BetterFly. However, there are several reviews regarding the ease of the application and the impact it has on people's decisions to buy tickets through the Citilink’s BetterFly application.The purpose of this study was to measure the significant effect between two variables, ease of use of the Citilink’s BetterFly application and the purchase decision of passengers to buy flight tickets for PT. Citilink Indonesia, especially in Denpasar. The population and samples will be collected using a questionnaire, which will be distributed to 100 respondents with the condition that they have made ticket purchases using the application. Furthermore, the data will be evaluated using classical assumption test, determination test, t test. After the test, it was found that ease of use had a positive effect on purchasing decisions, for which t count 10.322 and a sig value 0.000. The percentage obtained from the effect of ease of use on purchasing decisions of 52.1%. Suggestions that can be given by researchers are that PT. Citilink Indonesia should continue to innovate, update the Citilink’s BetterFly Application, and create a system for the Citilink‘s BetterFly Application that is able to provide fast responses to consumers.


Ease of Use Decision to Purchase

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