Penilaian Konsumen Tentang Kualitas Minuman Tradisional Loloh Telang Sereh


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consumer assessment, traditional drinks, loloh telang sereh


Bali has many types of traditional drinks that have a distinctive taste from the area where the drink is made. Traditional drinks are also widely drunk as traditional medicines that are beneficial for the health of the body for the drinker. Loloh is a traditional Balinese drink whose manufacturing process has been passed down from generation to generation. One type of loloh which is also a traditional drink in Bali is loloh telang sereh. Loloh telang sereh is a loloh made from telang flower, lemongrass, sugar and salt. This traditional drink has good benefits for the body such as: it contains antioxidants, strengthens the immune system, helps eyesight, and is also anti-inflammatory. Some people in Peguyangan Kangin have been able to try the taste of this loloh telang sereh and are interested in it, but it is not yet known how the public evaluates this loloh.

         The purpose of this study was to determine consumer ratings of the traditional drink loloh telang sereh in Loloh Kak Bejug Peguyangan Kangin. The results of this study indicate that from the results of the tabulated questionnaire, it is known that the results of consumer assessments of the traditional drink loloh telang sereh in Loloh Kak Bejug Peguyangan Kangin get a score of 4.48. From the assessment of these consumers, they get the same category, namely very good interpretation of the indicators of price, taste, aroma, benefits and quality. And from the results of this study, it is hoped that it will be useful for the owner of Loloh Kak Bejug to be able to maintain it without reducing the quality and quantity of loloh telang sereh.


Keywords: Consumer Assessment, Traditional Drinks, Loloh Telang Sereh