Focus and Scope

Journal of Indonesian Gastronomy (Jurnal Gastronomi Indonesia/JGI) is a peer-reviewed journal that explicitly focuses on the interface of food science and gastronomy. The journal focuses on articles that explores all aspects related to the growing field of gastronomy such as culinary techniques, culinary concepts, culinary trends, and gastronomic experience (all the elements that contribute to the appreciation and enjoyment of the meal). Also relevant is research on science-based educational programs in gastronomy, gastronomic history and food sociology. All these areas of knowledge are crucial to gastronomy, as they contribute to a better understanding of this broad term and its practical implications. This journal equally encourages both scientists and chefs to publish original scientific papers, review articles and original culinary works. We seek articles with clear evidence of this interaction. From a scientific perspective, this publication aims to become the home for research from the whole community of food science and gastronomy in Indonesia.